Student Support Services

Student support services provide assistance to the entire student population, parents, and the school community. The Pupil Services disciplines that provide support services include Speech/Language, School Psychology, and School Social Work. Pupil Services specialists play an important role in improving student achievement.

Speech/Language Therapists, School Social Workers, and School Psychologists assist other educators to understand and respond effectively to the human and social factors that impact learning, and improve student availability for learning by identifying risk factors and providing timely interventions.  These professionals strive to maintain open lines of communication while they interpret school requirements and assist families in expressing their concerns. In addition, they are in a position to link the home and school to community resources, expedite appropriate referrals, and facilitate communication between home, school, and community services.

The Speech Language Pathologist assesses and provides service to children with possible communication difficulties ( ie: speech sound production; comprehension and / or use of language, eg concepts,sequencing, grammar, etc). Services are provided within the classroom as well as in the speech room. Collaboration with teachers and parents/ family members is important to provide the best service for the student.

School Psychologists have training and experience in a comprehensive range of assessment skills used to evaluate student’s learning strengths and weaknesses. The School Psychologist functions as a member of the Planning and Placement Team, which helps determine a student’s eligibility for special education and helps plan appropriate educational and behavioral programs. In addition, the School Psychologist collaborates and works closely with classroom teachers to develop and implement behavior intervention plans for individual students.

The School Social Worker meets with students who have personal concerns and/or behavioral issues that may be interfering with their ability to focus on schoolwork. Short term counseling, either individually or in small groups, is available in order to help work through troubling thoughts or feelings that may be related to what is happening in school, in the family, or in peer relationships.