Special Education Support Staff
Welcome to the Special Education Support Staff web page!

Seth G. Haley Special Education Support Staff:

Kari Edelen, School Psychologist

Jamene Farrell, Social Worker

Denyse Miller, Speech Pathologist

Andrea Hatch, Speech Pathologist

Mary D'Amico, Special Education Teacher

Mary Peach-Keyes, Special Education Teacher

Carrie Newkirk, Special Education Teacher

Here are some helpful links for parents:

Learning Disabilities


Vocabulary-A great website to learn and practice new vocabulary for 2-4 graders. 
A wonderful collection of fiction and nonfiction books for students to listen to while reading.
username: sethhaleys  password: books

Students use this great reading site in school; try it at home.
Community Resources:

West Haven Parks & Recreation

City of West Haven

West Haven Community House

West Haven Youth & Family Services

West Haven Mental Health Clinic
Clifford Beers Clinic
Crisis Intervention Services
CT Parenting
Connecticut Foster Adopt
Department of Social Services
DCF - Voluntary Services Program
Programs for Families With Children
DSS Brochures
Yale Child Study - Program for Anxiety Disorders
Shoreline Wellness Center
Bridges - A Community Support System
LogistiCare Connecticut

Helping With Homework
Telling a Child a Parent is Ill
Organization Tips
The Truth About Lying
Parent Tips
Pet Loss
Helping Your Child Through a Divorce
Tips for Divorcing Parents
Co-Parenting Guide
How Children Grieve
Positive Parenting
Kids and Cliques-What You Need to Know
Tips for Building Your Child's Emotional Vocabulary
Ten Chances to Chat With Your Child
Anxiety, Fears & Phobias
Childhood Stress
Separation Anxiety
Tips for Dealing With Perfectionism
Fact Sheet for Mental Health & Feelings
Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in School
My Child May Have a Disability. What Should I Know?
ADDitude - Strategies and Support for ADHD & LD
Homelessness Information
Helping Your Child Cope With Tragedy
When Should I Get Counseling for My Child?
Smart Apps for Kids - Social Skills Apps
Apps for Social Skills & Behavior
Leaving Your Child Home Alone
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Raising a Relative Child
Understanding Child Trauma
Supporting Young Children Through Tragedy
Talking to a Child After a Traumatic Event
Early Childhood Trauma
Connecticut Commission on Children - Helping Children Cope
For Kids:
Feelings Game
Healthy Habits Game
Sleep for Kids
Go Go Diego! A Game About Being Angry
Sid the Science Kid - Gerald's Weather Wheel
Gabriela Cleans Up
Cat in the Hat - Super Cleaner Upper
Thomas and Friends - Many Moods
On the Farm - Feed the Animals
So Funny I Forgot to Laugh - Arthur
Lunch-o-Matic - Arthur
In My Bathroom
Feel the Music for Feelings
My Bedtime
PBS Games About Feelings

Intervention Central
Behavior Advisor
PBIS World
Behavior Instruction
Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support
PBS Powerpoints
Learning Disabilities 
Classroom Interventions 
Teaching Coping Skills
PBS Behavior Intervention
Helping Children Cope After a Natural Disaster
A "Disruptive" Behavior Plan
Getting Control of a Difficult Class
Giving Attention Seeking Students the Right Kind of Attention
Books for Kids: Redirecting and Promoting Good Behavior
25 Books That Teach Social Skills
Visual Behavior Think Sheet
Relaxation Flip Books
Sensory Hacks for Calming Down
Supporting Kids Who are Experiencing Anxiety
Free Conflict Resolution Poster
Six Dr. Seuss Books Teaching Social Skills
Classroom Sensory Strategies
Stress Box for Self-Regulation
Chill Out Corner
Free Class Dojo Resource Pack
Using Class Dojo with an Economy System
Conflict Resolution
Resolving Conflict Resources for Teachers and Parents
Watson Institute - Classroom Tools
Watson Institute - Behavior/Social Stories
Apps for Social Skills & Behavior
Smart Apps for Kids - Social Skills Apps
Risk and Protective Factors: What Schools Can Do to Build Protective Factors
The Ophelia Project - Relational Aggression
What Mandated Reporters Need to Know
Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Children
Bubble Riding story - Stress Free Kids
Goodnight Caterpillar - For Anger & Stress
Sea Otter Cove - Deep Breathing & Relaxation
Affirmation Weaver - Story for Self-Esteem & Confidence
The Angry Octopus -Story for Anger Management
Stress Free Kids

Provided is an additional list of social skills, feelings, and behavior apps for smartphones or iPads:
HeadsUp! Pictures
Calm Counter 
(an anger management tool)
 Wince - Don't Feed the Worrybug 
(an interactive story about worries)
Moody Monster Manor 
(a game about emotions and feelings)
Focus On the Go! 
(learn ways to calm down when angry)
Scribble Press

Professor Garfield Online Safety
Professor Garfield Cyberbullying
Touch and Learn Emotions
iTouchiLearn Feelings for Preschool Kids

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